Color Association

Have been reading some articles about our subconscious response to some colors. Its pretty interesting stuff, and could be incorporated into my painting with some skill. Colour associations are in all of us as we grow stronger the more we are influenced by the media and marketing. Not every will agree on the symbolism of certain colors but generally red signifies blood and emotions such as anger and power? Orange is associated with warmth, appetite and energy followed by yellow which can represent energy/the sun? Advertising uses bright warm colors to encourage a appetite for fast food.

As the spectrum moves round to greens, blues indigo and violets the colors suggest serenity and calm. I found it really interesting that there is some connection and correlation between certain colors and Chakra centres used in Yogic practice.

Color therapy or chromotherapy been around since the ancient Egyptians or early Indian culture. This is the idea that colors have specific therapeutic properties and in Chinese culture a colour can be associated with a internal organ. Originally in ancient history they would use coloured glass to "project" a color into a room or onto a person. In modern times alsort of tools are used such as special glasses, gemstones, prisms and penlights.

Those that doubt the claims of chromotherapy argue the associations are nothing more than pseudoscience beacuse the benigits to your health cannot be proven. Generally it is seen critically due to the placebo effect. My opinion stand is that i feel that colour association in the 21st century is largly dictated my fashion and and marketing. I can not and will not be able to make a conclusion on a colors healing properties but to say that a color has a phycological emotional effects on a veiws mind can only be true.