Year Two Introduction and Reflection

After receiving my results for the first year I can say I was pleased with what I have achieved and learned last year. I got a good score in all three areas, particularly in my critical studies written work which is encouraging. My Game Production did become my lowest score as I expected but I am starting to make a real improvement at the start of this term. I did make effort to practise over the holiday and It seems to have paid off. The ambition for this coming year is to essentially increase the hours I put into my work significantly. I know this intern will through practice hone my technical ability and speed up my work. There has been a lot of stress on being absorbent to all sorts of influence, primarily from sources away from generic game design. I have been trying to absorb myself into reading art history and working my way through Palettes l'int├ęgrale - L'Encyclop├ędie de la Peinture*. Which has helped in broadening my ideas. I’ve read about Turner’s simple idea of looking at the colours of everything on a daily basis. It seems silly and that colours of an object are obvious, yet when I make my walk to lectures and taking time to study the colours of things you would normally pass by, can be surprising. All sorts of tones of greens yellows reds blues greys make up a texture of bark on a tree for example.
A big ambition this year is to try and get some work experience in industry. A while ago when I was in college I found some work experience with a design company called Naked Creative, which was great and I learned a lot with Photoshop and how to talk to customers about designs (was allowed to sit in on presentations to paying customers for designs on Hotel Toiletry packaging and Holiday flyers). However over the summer I have found two leads to some work experience, one in the game industry which still needs a fair bit of chasing, and another with a lady who has worked on special effects for Weta a New Zeleand company, who is currently based in London. Both are invaluable and need to be jumped upon. Hopefully if I get these under my belt I will have a potentially strong CV. I really want to follow this up with a placement year or internship next year setting me up with some background before i complete my degree, which I hope will give me advantage in job hunting.