Personal review of the first year

This first year of my degree course has been a swirl or new information and ideas, which I now know to be the basis for any form creative thinking. I have been enlightened to new way of learning and developing myself as an artist thanks to the course. The course I think has the essential backbone of heading directly into industry, which brings a very real pressure and urgency for me as a student to improve. However, despite this, there is a great emphasis on thinking like an artist, credit due to our tutors, and guest speakers. Being aware of the importance in significant movements in art, contemporary and traditional is the basis for any creative individual. But being open to aesthetic influences from anything, wherever you are, is what truly expands the artists mind. Several projects such as the recreation of iconic paintings in art history are a great way to start this hunger for inspiration. However I would love to have more lectures with Chris about art history; techniques and the significance in certain art movements. Chris has been excellent this year in providing our group with some interesting places to study such as the pumping station and bradgate park, all of which I have really enjoyed. I don’t think Chris spends enough time with the group though, I feel rude and unfair to some extent writing this, however I know that if he spent even a few hours a week more with the group, he would enhance our development rapidly. I have been shown from guest lectures tutors and students in other years the technical ability in both 2D and 3D work required in industry. Although at the moment I am far from this level, I am confident that in the build up of the degree I can reach this standard of competence. I did not find the game production side of our course very enjoyable, and much more of a struggle toward the start of the year. Yet now having completed several projects and having become much more familiar with the programs, we have been given much more freedom to design and I am finding game production really interesting. In summery of the first year on this degree, I know I’m in the right place. People around me think and feel the same way, and being able to bounce ideas of each other when thinking about project briefs ect is the way I feel most comfortable. The majority of this course I am well aware is personal development, at home, in the library in a gallery ect. All our tutors are easy and fun to talk to! (important) and provide food for thought almost every lecture which is essential. I’m sure I speak for almost everyone on the degree course, I love what we do, it’s not just a career choice. If I didn’t, I’m sure this first year would have been so fun. So bring on the summer, some time to really practice what I’ve learnt and hopefully before I know it we will be stuck into round two!