General progress and Blitz guest lecture

I am into the fourth week of the course and still really enjoying it. I’m trying to get into the routine of life drawing every day to keep me up to speed. My developing process is to do a few sketches at the scene, to draft in the perspective lines. Then take some reference photographs to fill in the details at home. Then finally I’ll head into the labs to render a select few in Photoshop. I am getting quite involved and excited about my work which is really good, allowing me to cram in the hours. Our current study in 2D, is the 2 point perspective drawing technique. I prefer this to previous projects set (such as the canal and archway) because it gives me some creative freedom to roam Leicester in search of my subject to draw.

3ds Max is also becoming much more interesting as I am starting to get to grips with it. It is slightly intimidating how advanced some students in my group are on 3ds max, but I have to say they are really supportive and more than happy to help. I am also quite proud that on several occasions I have been able to help others with the program myself! In this, the fourth week, we have no lectures apart from the Blitz team on Wednesday. Yet I have found myself working in the labs in the mornings, and staying till close most days, which is a great because I am generally only self motivated if I am genuinely interested.

The last critical studies class we were given a breakdown of the history of computers and how they influenced games. It was interesting to find that the first computer was mechanical, each piece having to be forged, and how it even at that stage had a basic printing facility. Another interesting point that could be used in our next discussion is the involvement of military funding and research which has developed computers to what they are now, and continues to push technologies further. 

I also want to speak about our guest lecture in this blog. The Blitz guys were really professional in their presentation yet had an informal (personal) approach. Their presentation was really informative about what the industry expects from me, and has to offer. As well as being packed with loads of really awesome examples of their work. It was great they could provide us with such a long question and answer discussion at the end, and I got to find out how they made their own way into the industry. Most importantly I took note of which roles within the industry are in demand at the moment so I could research them after and see if any appealed to me. Visual FX artist stood out as an interesting job prospect. Heavily in demand within the industry and favouring creative artists who have a mix of 3D and traditional training.

I finally want to add a video clip of an incredibly talented artist who I saw on a TV program this week, his story and his work really impressed me! I’ve wanted to show others about this child prodigy, his name is Kieron Williamson and he is eight years old. Take a look!