Fuse Homeworld

Two environments to develop the universe where Fuse has to navigate through the clock world of  Chrono to fix up the corruption and save those trapped in time

Work in progress 


First character design for a possible graphic novel proposal

Shamman a blog update!

Haven't posted in a age so time to dump recent work in progress

Death of a God

Progress Shots

3D built in 3DS MAX

Environment Concepts

Last day at Rebellion today and allowed to post some of the concepts I've done over the last few months :)  Will post some 3D work here too soon!

All property of Rebellion

Guardian of the Glade

Think i will call this finished, messed about with "remove/adjust light values" with overlay blend to push the colour abit more. (technique hot keys at bottom)

 Tried using colour dodge overlay on light values which really pushed the saturation and exposure. Was nice experiment but i don't think i would use this variation.

Overlay of Fibonacci spiral to show the composition i chose

new techniques and hot keys